So you want to be happy

So you want to be happy? Then stop letting the smallest things ruin your day If you are bored with your daily routine, do something unexpected. Stop complaining about how alone you are When you are surrounded by people Who actually care about you Forget all the drama and move on Let go of all... Continue Reading →



In life you meet certain people, sometimes at a wedding or a party or at social platforms Or are friends' friends or anyone random. You happen to talk And within few minutes you are sure this one's gonna be in your home team You see them and you suddenly feel so warm inside And all... Continue Reading →

A conversation

Janaba: Ssup? Tessa: I'm writing something...stories😅 Janaba: Stories! Cool. Continue T: It's about you Janaba 😂 J: Please don't include me in any of your stories 😪 T: All I could write is about you, Janaba!😅 J: Dude, why the hell do you write on me, that too every story? Write about others, leave me... Continue Reading →

Alfaaz nikle hue fiza se!

Unke alfaaz na Jane kyun laye muskaan Unke hasee mein jaise chupi ho Ada e gibran Kehte Hain ki agar samjhu toh sahi samajhna chahta Hoon Lekin woh na Jane ki unke galat samajhne me hi Meri sahi Hain!! Unhe tang Karne ki Maza na mile mujhe kisi aur se Unki taang kheeche Bina chain... Continue Reading →

EMPATHY : It IS difficult!!!

But if we observe, mankind has struggled a lot just to figure out the simple aspects of things, may it be a gene (for an organism), a byte (for the complex data in binary language)or sub-atomic paricles(foor matter), every simple aspect was known after tremendous, complicated efforts.

An unplanned move

Not a crush or so called "one way relationship". But some things can't be expressed in words. They could just be mentioned and must be felt by others. After many days, I texted him.

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