Perspectives – the base of emotions?

Mortality, humanity, kindness – how do you define these? Obviously, one can define many of such alike terms by keeping a Webster’s nearby. But genuinely, follow your mind and try to explain what exactly your soul understands when you come across such words. Another question that arises simultaneously – what are the definitions of words such as beauty, love and life ?

They say, to love and to be loved are the most important things in the world. The pop culture has always depicted that the former is a very hard condition to be achieved, but the latter gets o to you very easily. You often get confused about this situation wherein you have the query of whom to love the most and prioritize in your life – your parents, friends, mentors, well-wishers or a complete stranger; whilst having people around you who love you selflessly. But, is this really true?

As kids, we never understand the real meaning of few fundamental values, rather needs of human life; love, care, respect,affection to mention a few. Even as we grow up, we try to figure out what these words really mean, form perspectives and finally arrive at the making up our own definition. Yes, it’s just like asking the question, “what is life?” – the question that was enthralled by the human mind from time immemorial, only to gather a number of definitions that exceeds the present world population.

Coming back to love. Some say it’s easy to love, but hard to find it. It might be true. It’s easy to love something. You develop a relatable, positive perspective about certain subject which meets your expectations, you start loving it. Now this is quintessential that you need to have a positive and favourable perspective about the subject that you love. You may hate a snake (which means that you don’t love it) , probably because of your perspective about the animal being dangerous. You love your friend, no matter how flawed he or she is according to someone else, because your thoughts about the person is favourable in your mind, your perspective is formed in accordance with the bond that you two form. A change in perspective is equal to the change in behaviour and attitude towards the subject.

Applying this thought on the sentence that we began the passage with, to be loved is difficult because it depends on the perspective of that person. This is difficult to predict, because of the complicated human mind. We never know what runs inside the mind of our fellow human. It may change it’s views in a fraction of seconds. The task of changing someone’s mind or a prejudistic view or a perspective former is nearly impossible, if it is a forced one. But it is quite easy if it’s changed on its own.

Having said this, another sub query that comes to the mind is, do we really need to bother about someone’s attitude or opinion about us? Now, if their opinion or behaviour is formed through the partial views and beliefs about us, blended with Thier thoughts and experiences, do we really need to care about what people think about us and hail them to be true. Won’t it be enough of we know what we are and if we are happy or satisfied about our deeds? Shouldn’t a justification for our soul be sufficient rather than providing it for everyone who might criticise or question our deeds and us? Among the two options, which one is relevant : living our life to make ourselves happy or living our life in order to be better in the eyes of this world ?

Well, these questions may have many answers, there won’t be any unison. But, an introspection with these questions might be better before we think or do something in our life, because I feel that intention matters more than consequences of an action. Intention is something that is in our head and we could definitely control, but, could the consequences of our actions be always predicted? With a clear mind and good intentions, thoughts and deeds might bring happiness to the doer.


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