The essence of our India

Despite the guns that be pointed to my beating heart
I shall admit without a blink
That my heart beats not for the country
But its essence.

Ever seen the sewn swings
Over the finely strong branches of banyan trees?
That’s where my heart plays,
Beyond the borders of rich and poor,
Beyond the urban village,
Around the colourful threads of faith,
That’s where India resides.

Ever seen dew drops hanging onto banana leaves
Delicately strewn around for a feast?
There’s peace in the crackle of spices;
And beyond the fallacious wars and trysts,
When brethrens unite in the essence of curry leaves,
That’s where India resides.

Ever seen the twirls of coloured sarees,
Dancing in the happiness of another?
There’s magic in the sounds of shehnais,
A delicate rhythm of a blessed future,
Amidst the pandals coloured red and white,
Amidst the beautiful doe eyes of shy brides,
That’s where India resides.

Forgive me for breaking your heart,
For a country is not just a piece of land,
To be broken and shared and sold at will.
A country is but it’s diversity,
Divided by hate, united by untethered love.

Despite the daggers on my weakened back,
I shall admit this without a hick,
My heart beats not for this country,
But its essence, full of hidden love.


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