Are we really living the moment?

via Are we really living the moment?


4 thoughts on “Are we really living the moment?

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  1. some of us try. i will marvel at the moment before me, i am in the moment. sometimes i want to share that moment with others who are unable or unwilling to have those moments. there are many, oh so many that never reach a memory card and held in pixels. and are only held in my memory. who are we to say which is the right way? it is only right to that person. have we become so insignificant in life that we have to share every moment of our lives with others to justify our existence?
    i think i will stay in my way of the moment. as i dont feel i need to justify my existence. for in the end with in a few years, memory of me much like others before me will not exist. for really, it is this moment which matters.

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  2. I agree… That’s what in the post too.. 🙂 we need to live the moment, not to justify others that we lived … As you mentioned, we become insignificant in our own lives if we think that we are obliged to share every incident in our life through pixels or as a proof..

    And sometimes we enjoy our life so much ,we love to cherish them with others .. and photographs or memoirs must be kept for recalling and cherishing the moments… Not to justify our existence…. Well said !

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