Live your life!

The least expected event is often the one that comes with the most beautiful moments.
People never stay with you forever, it’s the memories they make which stay with you forever. Meet people, make memories.
Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. Be audacious, be impulsive; because you never know what time has in store for you!
Life is not meant to regret about the past or to be anxious about the future; life is meant to live in the present!


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  1. I need a favor from you can you translate to english from Hindi Rigveda verse 47.48
    47. kṛṣṇáṃ niyânaṃ hárayaḥ suparṇâ / apó vásānā dívam út patanti
    tá âvavṛtran sádanād ṛtásyâd / íd ghṛténa pṛthivî vy ùdyate
    48. dvâdaśa pradháyaś cakrám ékaṃ / trîṇi nábhyāni ká u tác ciketa
    tásmin sākáṃ triśatâ ná śaṅkávo / ‘rpitâḥ ṣaṣṭír ná calācalâsaḥ

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