You're the moon, the one who is loved by all Let me be that star near you, bright yet small Both of us, always nearby, yet not together Far away from each other, yet appear so close


A letter

a letter of love, hope and happiness for my Janaba

Dreams – stairway to death

May be, dreams are our experience, insecurity, imagination and creativity blended in a definite proportion, and this proportion changes from person to person. Hence, people with similar experiences and insecurities experience different things.

Elixir – 2

After the rain of events, the droplets of memories were remained and the sun rays of hope were emerging from the horizon. The day appeared promising and pleasant. The painful darkness became the past. It was done and dusted, or to be precise, it was forgotten.

The essence of our India

Despite the guns that be pointed to my beating heart I shall admit without a blink That my heart beats not for the country But its essence. Ever seen the sewn swings Over the finely strong branches of banyan trees? That's where my heart plays, Beyond the borders of rich and poor, Beyond the urban... Continue Reading →

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