Expression: an attempt

As time passes, it’s not the memory that fades, it’s the effect of memory that fades.

Deaddiction : difficult or impossible?

When you expect a “nice one” as a response, but get a call, it’s a feeling that can’t be expressed. As if you wanted to pass the examination somehow, and you end up being the topper.

Love : Selfless or possessive?

We have Rumi and Tagore and Gibran and Shakespeare quoting definitions of love, but if deeply inspected, wasn’t the true love as said by these great souls selfless?

EMPATHY : It IS difficult!!!

But if we observe, mankind has struggled a lot just to figure out the simple aspects of things, may it be a gene (for an organism), a byte (for the complex data in binary language)or sub-atomic paricles(foor matter), every simple aspect was known after tremendous, complicated efforts.

An unplanned move

Not a crush or so called “one way relationship”. But some things can’t be expressed in words. They could just be mentioned and must be felt by others. After many days, I texted him.